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Gay Boys 001.MP4 онлайн

Добавлено  22 Февраля 2013  Продолжительность  2:10   Просмотров  2004

Our son came home from school one day, telling us he is a gay boy. We video almost everything, we feel this is cute and funny at the same time. He is just a preschooler here, pure innocence. For you people that feel we have bad parenting skills, thats to bad. We raise our children to not hate others for gender,race,religon,sex preferences that everyone deserves a chance, and that everyone is to each their own. So judge us, we don't care :)

Категория: Приколы / Смотреть Gay Boys 001.MP4
Источник: YouTube
Добавлено 22 Февраля 2013

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